Operational Safety Concept

Every organisation has its unique business activity and looks for an effective way to increase its value. The Operational Safety concept guarantees safe operation and cost reduction for companies and their management.

It provides practical support for business and is now becoming an essential part of risk management.

The concept of Operational Safety has evolved from our long-term experience of risk management and management systems, gained through working with a diversity of organisations around the world.


URS Holdings Worldwide



Non-compliance with regulations may lead to sanctions or suspension of business.

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Each company has a number of systems which need to be effectively reviewed, maintained and managed.

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People are the future of your company. Investments in your employees bring returns.

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It is the responsibility of manufacturers to provide safe products of a certified quality.

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Regular monitoring of your company's operations will reduce the risk of serious problems.

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By controlling risks you will not only benefit from safe operations, but may also receive savings on your insurance premiums.

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